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Tour Code: HPT03
Tour Name: Hangzhou Wuzhen water town 3 days Tour
Duration: three full days
Destination: Hangzhou, Wuzhen

Tour Highlights

Flying Peak(飛來峰)/Lingyin Temple (靈隱寺)/Six Harmony Pagoda(六和塔)/
Tiger Spring(虎跑夢泉)/Three Pools Mirroring the Moon(三潭印月)/Su Causeway(蘇堤春曉)/Viewing the Fish at Flowery Garden(花港觀魚)/Nine Creeks(九溪煙樹)/Bamboo-lined path at Yunqi(雲棲竹徑)/Museums and the showrooms in the water town((博物館)/Boat ride in the water town(水鄉遊船)


Day 1:
We start the tour from your hotel in downtown Hangzhou, residence, or from the Hangzhou Train Station. In the morning, first we go to visit the Flying Peak and the Lingyin Temple, and then proceed to the West Lake for a boat ride, including a visit to the little fairy island, Three Pools Mirroring the Moon, afterwards, we take a stroll on the Su Causeway and the Viewing the Fish at Flowery Garden Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. After lunch, in the afternoon, we go to visit the Solitary Hill, as relaxed as the locals. The tour finished around 4:30-5:00 pm.


Day 2:
Today in the morning, we go to visit the Six Harmony Pagoda, have a stunning view of the Qiantang river and the No.1 Bridge across the river, hills and mountains, and the high rises of the new district. And then proceed to visit the Tiger Spring—the Third Best Spring under the Heaven, Lunch will be served at a local restaurant, enjoy the local delicacies. In the afternoon, proceed to visit the Nine Creeks and the Bamboo-lined path at Yunqi, have a very lovely walk and enjoy the incredible peace and tranquility of the creeks, jungles and bamboo forest.


Day 3:
The third day, we are going to have a relaxed day tour to the very impressive water town—Wuzhen, where it brings you back to hundreds years ago in the old days of Southern China. It is about 1 hour and a half from downtown Hangzhou. We are going to visit numbers of museums and display rooms which showcase the life, custom and culture of the local people, who live beside the Grand Canal and smaller canals for generations. We are also going to take a traditional wooden boat rowing over the water, going through the arched bridges. It is a great to see the ancient docks, waterside pavilions and corridors stretching for miles. There is almost no choice of a fine restaurant, so the lunch is not included in the tour package today. Please be prepared! After the tour, we return back to Hangzhou, and the three days tour is finished with joy and memories.



 1 passenger

 2 passengers

 3-4 passengers

5-6 passengers

 390 USD/pax

 210 USD/pax

150 -120 USD/pax

 100-90 USD/pax


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